Pacific Green Technologies Appoints Fichtner as Owner's Engineer at Energy Park Sutton Bridge Limited

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pacific Green Technologies Inc. ("the Company") (OTCQB:PGTK) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Energy Park Sutton Bridge Limited ("EPSB"), has appointed Fichtner Consulting Engineers Limited ("Fichtner") as owner's engineer in respect of EPSB's proposed 49MWe biomass energy plant at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, UK.

Fichtner has acted as owner's engineer and lender's engineer on a wide range of projects both in the UK and Worldwide, and has provided a range of services to major power utilities as well as independent developers and their financiers.

In the UK, and by way of example, Fichtner has provided services both during development and construction to operational biomass projects such as Wilton 10, Steven's Croft and the 16.5MW Western Wood project.  The Wilton project became the UK's first large scale wood to energy plant when it began commercial operations in 2007 with Fichtner supporting the project through planning, implementation, construction, commissioning and testing. On the Western Wood project, which also uses wood as its fuel, Fichtner played the role of Owner's and Lender's Engineer with responsibilities throughout the development and construction and commissioning phases.

Fichtner will initially provide EPSB with technical support for pre-construction development with services for the development of the main plant including technology review; permitting support; provision of operating and maintenance cost data for the financial model. 

It is then envisaged that Fichtner will be engaged in the preparation of specification and tender invitation documents for the construction of the facility and support for negotiations with prospective contractors; a range of engineering services during the development, construction and commissioning of the heat supply infrastructure scheme, including preparation of outline engineering design and detailed tender documentation for the infrastructure required to enable the supply of heat to a nearby potential customer.

Neil Carmichael, chief executive of the Company, commented: "We are delighted to have secured the services of Fichtner at our proposed biomass plant at Sutton Bridge. Fichtner's expertise as owner's engineer and lender's engineer will provide rigorous support to the project and our financiers."

Alan Thompson, Project Director at EPSB, commented, "It is an absolute pleasure to welcome the world-class Fichtner team to our project."

About Fichtner:

Fichtner is one of the world's leading independent engineering consultancy firms. Founded in 1922, the group has over 2,000 staff, with offices in 50 countries, and with project experience including technical advisory and project management services in 160 countries.

Fichtner is entirely independent; owned by the Fichtner family and company employees.  By choice Fichtner is a pure engineering consultancy, exclusively focused on providing impartial services in the best interests of its clients and their projects, without influence by the equipment supply or contracting industries. 

Fichtner has been operating in the UK since 1991, with a strong track record built on the core principles of quality, engineering excellence, integrity and community.

Fichtner offers a unique combination of technical, contractual and financial skills, with a core expertise in process, combustion and thermal cycle engineering. It has a proven capability of identifying, mitigating and managing the risks associated with complex process and power generation projects.

About Pacific Green Technologies, Inc.

Pacific Green Technologies Inc. has developed proprietary emission control technologies to address the world's need for cleaner and more sustainable energy. PGT is divided into three key divisions that are focused on the design, development, licensing and marketing of numerous types of technologies designed to improve the environment through clean energy use. PGT develops Renewable Power Plants using the Company's proprietary Emissions Control Technology and licenses ENVI-Clean and ENVI-Pure, patented emissions control technologies, to other power stations.

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